XCR Lardner Park Cross Country

Round 2

Event date: 

Saturday 22 May, 2021, 12:30pm



On Saturday 22nd May, we head to the country for round 2 of XCR with a cross country race at Lardner Park near Warragul. Nestled amongst rolling hills and dairy farms, Lardner Park is a true cross country venue with a fence and a couple of ditches to navigate. It is about 70 minutes drive from Malvern.

Entries close on Wednesday 19 May at midday.

TBCJunior 2kmWomen U14, Men U14
TBCJunior 4kmMen U18, Men U20
TBCJunior 3kmMen U16, Women U16, Women U18, Women U20
TBC8kmMen Open
TBC8kmWomen Open

Please see the AV event page and XCR handbook for more information.


155 Burnt Store Road, Lardner

Melway reference: 

X912 U8

Race manager: 

Athletics Victoria