Malvern encourages people of all abilities to come along and join us. Our members range from social joggers to competitive athletes — all members are treated in the same manner and receive the full benefits of club membership.

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

The following table outline the features, cost and application process of the memberships available:

Membership April 2021 — March 2022
 Athletics Victoria
Athletics Victoria
Recreational Runner

(Non-running Membership)

Training SessionsYesYes


Compete for Malvern in AV EventsYes



Reduced Entry Fees
XCR Series
(Winter Cross Country & Road Races)



Compete In
Club Races
Athlete InsuranceYesYes 
Social EventsYesYesYes
Training ProgramYesYesYes
 Athletics Victoria
Athletics Victoria
Recreational Runner
Open Age Membership$295.10 (AV $175.10 + MH $120)$130 (AV $10 + MH $120)$40
Under 20 Membership$199.05 (AV $139.05 + MH $60)$70 (AV $10 + MH $60)$5

Join Malvern Harriers

Instructions at
AV Membership — How To Join

Download the
MH Guest & Social Membership Form.

Return the form in person to the
secretary or registrar; or a scanned copy by email, or send by mail.


It is a condition of membership of Malvern Harriers Athletic Club Inc. that applications agree to abide by its constitution, bylaws and policy manual.


Training Program

Our coaches produce training programs ranging from beginner to advanced athletes which are distributed on a monthly basis.

Malvern Club Races

A range of club events are conducted throughout the year, these include track, road, cross country and handicapped events. AV Athlete, AV Social Runner and Guest members are welcome to participate in these events.

AV Shield Series

The summer season from October to March is when we hit the athletics track for track racing and field events conduction by Athletics Victoria. The track distances range from 100m to 5,000m, whilst a full program of field events, such as long jump and shot put is also on offer. Malvern currently competes in White zone, with venues in the eastern suburbs and most competitions being conducted on Saturday afternoons. Visit AV for more info.

AV XCR Series

The winter season from April to September comprises 10 road and cross country races conducted by Athletics Victoria ranging from 4km to the half marathon. Visit AV for more info. AV Athlete members have reduced entry fees and are eligible to compete for the club.

AV Entry Fees

Age CategoryAV Athlete
XCR Race Entry
XCR Package
(Season Entry)

T&F Event Entry

Track & Field Package
(Season Entry)
Max Package
(XCR + T&F Season Entry)
Open Age$36.05$144.20$15 TBC$144.20$236.90
Under 20$31.00$118.45$15 TBC$118.45$185.40


The Malvern Harriers has a range of uniform items available for all members. Uniform items include singlets, shorts, crop tops, briefs, hats and long sleeve t-shirts — all available at reasonable prices.

Athlete Insurance

Athletics Victoria registered athletes have personal accident insurance for Athletics Australia, Athletics Victoria and Malvern Harriers sanctioned activities. These activities include training, track and field events, meetings, fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities.